Mobile Karate Club

​​Our Classes 

Due to changes in the YMCA's operating hours, classes have been changed to the following:

Mr. Carl Stringfellow, teaches Okinawan/Japanese Martial Arts to students of ages 16 through senior adult, 6:35 pm - 7:45 pm, every Tuesday.

Filipino Martial Arts are taught from 7:30 pm - 7:45 pm, every Thursday.

Mr. Ben Sayner, teaches karate to students ages 7 through adult, 4:30 pm - 5:25 pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

Our Fees

  YMCA MEMBERS:                                          NON-YMCA MEMBERS:

1 student - $40.00 per month.                                  $50.00 per month

For a second and third immediate family member, add $10.00 per member, per month.

Your maximum monthly fee is $60.00 / $70.00 for immediate family memberships.

Association Fees

We are affiliated with the International Matsumura Seito Society (IMSS).

There is an annual enrollment fee of $15.00, which is renewed every December. This fee is to be paid for each student registering.

Mobile Karate Club, first opened in the mid 1990's, after not being satisfied with what was being called Karate around our area.

The goal was to teach a community based Martial Arts class, and to keep the fees affordable for all.

The only solution was to seek a location that was family friendly, easy to access, and had minimal overhead costs.

By teaching at the YMCA, you save a tremendous amount of money, because your fees are not going to a private landlord, or other extravagant costs that other schools have to cover.

Mobile Karate Club and the Hearin-chandler YMCA, became the perfect fit.


  • The International Matsumura Seito Society
  • Arnis International