Mobile Karate Club

WARRIOR FMA, was founded by Carl Stringfellow to promote the Filipino Martial Arts as taught to him by the late Professor Remy A. Presas, founder of Modern Arnis, and Grandmaster Bruce Chiu, founder of Arnis International.

WARRIOR FMA contains components of Okinawan/Japanese karate, traditional jujutsu, and the Filipino Martial Arts as taught to him over the past four decades, by some of the greatest martial arts masters. Carl continually trains to improve and add to this beautiful, non-esoteric tribal art of the Philippines. 

Kali seminar in Birmingham, AL, taught by Guro Stanley Tippins. February 2016

Photo from a blade seminar, where I taught a Cav Scout unit prior to their deployment.

Guro Stanley Tippins and me.

Birmingham 2016

Brenda, Carl, Randy Dupre' Sensei, Ben, & Leora

Iota, LA Feb. 2017

My second seminar with Professor Remy A. Presas.

Professor is holding my late son, Hunter, 1996-1999.

Group that attended the seminar in Nesbit, MS 2015

Brenda, Carl, Ben, & Leora

Iota, LA Feb. 2017

In Nesbit, MS, with Jack Hogan, David Jones, and Bruce Chiu, 2015

Arnis seminar in Philidelphia, MS, many years ago.

Iota, LA February 2017