A great time was had by all that attended the IMSS winter camp, on November 11, 12, & 13 2016.

Instructors and students came from Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, & Kentucky.

Subjects taught were:

Aiki Jujutsu - Dan Gabus, Soke

Jujutsu - John Primeaux, Soke

Self defense techniques - Chris Foster, Soke-Dai

Kali - Stanley Tippins, Shihan

Cane self defense - Bob Barton, Renshi

Iai Do - Chris Foster, Soke-Dai

Modern Arnis - Carl Stringfellow, Hanshi

Physiology of karate strikes - Dr. Stephen Robidoux, Hanshi

We had a wonderful time in Iota, LA on February 4, 2017.

Randy Dupre, Sensei, the instructor at Team Eagle Martial Arts, brought us over to hold a four hour seminar in the magnicificent art of Arnis.

We trained stick, blade, & empty hand.

Many thanks to those that attended, as it would not be possible without you. Thanks also for the warm greetings and hospitality we received from everyone, We can't wait to return and train with you again.

If you're ever in the Jennings Louisiana area, get off of I-10 at exit 65, go north (your right) for just over eleven miles. In the middle of the rice fields, you come upon DI's restaurant. Delicious food and great service! Look them up on the internet and check out their menu if you ever plan to drive in their direction.

Another fine restaurant in located off of exit 64 in Jennings. Here, you turn south (left), and go just over one mile. Look for Darrell's restaurant on your left.

They make sandwiches that seem to melt in your mouth. We had a Darrell's special with three meats and man was it delicious!

Again, very friendly and hospitable employees to serve you.

Congratulations to Mr. Johnathan Matt, on his promotion to Yellow belt!

Congratulations to Mr. Jason Embry on his promotion to green belt at camp this year!

Mobile Karate Club