Mobile Karate Club

Here comes the foot!

Ben Broach and Connor Vandenberg sparring

Dennis Martin, Jack Hogan and myself.

Congratulations to Nandu on his recent promotion to Green belt.

Mr. Sayner promoted Sumedh Patil, Connor Vandenberg,and Suhas Patil on October 13th.

Lower ranks practicing basic techniques

Mr. Jason Embry was promoted to Orange Belt on March 8, 2016

Mr. Ben Sayner with his students

Class warming up with push ups, led by Nick

Congratulations to Sumedh S. Patil, Suhas S. Patil, and Ben Broach, on their recent promotions in Mr. Sayner's class.

Group that attended the HKI Camp in Jacksonville, FL, October 9, 10, 2015. Attendees were from nationwide, plus England and Ireland. 

Mr. Sayner, Sensei, promoted Anna Grace Colson, Aryan Srivastava, and Aarav Tyagi, on Tuesday, October 11th.